Fiction Shelving Change Notice

September 2019 E-Newsletter, BookEnds

 Fiction Shelving Notice:

    In our continuous effort to improve the library experience for our patrons, library staff has decided to return the shelving of our adult fiction books to a more traditional method. Prior to 2008, the adult fiction books were shelved by author, with no departmentalization by genre. In 2008, the library began to group fiction books into the categories of Fiction, Christian Fiction, Mystery, Science Fiction/Fantasy, and Western. A problem that our catalogers and many of our patrons experience is deciding what category a book fits into. Specifically, the lines between thrillers/suspense novels and mysteries have blurred significantly. The second issue is that many authors write books in more than one category. So currently you may find titles by James Patterson, Nora Roberts, and John Sandford separated into different genres. After discussion, the Collection Development Committee decided that shelving all fiction titles by author was the best long-term solution for patron ease of locating titles. The shifting of the collection will begin early in September.
    However, we do understand that some library users will not be pleased with our decision. If your library habit was to browse the shelves in a particular genre, this change may make selecting books more difficult. I think this may be especially true in the Christian Fiction and Western genres. I apologize in advance for making book selection harder for certain patrons. All genre titles will be marked with the current spine labels, signifying the general category of the book. We have changed the Christian Fiction labels to Inspirational Fiction to more correctly describe the books in that collection. Additionally, we will now have separate labels for Science Fiction and Fantasy titles.
    I believe that our adult fiction collection, comprised of over 64,000 books is the finest in this part of the state. As librarians, our task is to organize this wonderful collection in the most patron-friendly way possible. We believe this shelving change meets that criteria. 

If you have questions or need assistance, a member of the staff would be happy to assist you.